A restaurant with an industrial foundation

A restaurant with an industrial foundation

The next time you see industrial property for sale, consider it a potential spot for a new restaurant – take the hint from Steenberg’s Bistro Sixteen82, which takes an industrial look and turns it into a chic restaurant.

Steenberg Wine Farm was established in 1682 (hence the name of this relatively new bistro) and has since been developed into an attractive experience that combines wine, accommodation, expert cuisine (Catharina’s is the sister establishment to Bistro Sixteen82), golf, and a day spa. Classed as “an interactive experience”, Bistro Sixteen82 is an eating and wine tasting experience set in an industrial style building, but decorated like a five-star restaurant.

The restaurant is set in Steenberg’s vineyards, so the panoramic views of the Steenberg Mountains as well as the vines satisfy the views to be expected from Cape Town’s opulent Southern Suburbs. There is indoor-outdoor seating; with the indoor area being open-plan and tables spaced far enough to create private dining corners without losing the warm ambiance of the natural flow created by the open-plan setting. Outside you’ll find a terraced dining area where umbrellas provide a cool shady area under which to enjoy an extended brunch or classy lunch time. The water features provide a relaxing and refreshing ambiance – the perfect way to pass the time on a warm summer’s day. If you love wine, perhaps check out the wine on uprice.co.za.

The restaurant chef, Brad Ball, has developed his style into that of bistro specialist and he and his team concoct all manner of gastronomic creations to sate the palates of restaurant goers. There is a very unique concept in the Raw Bar, where you sit up close at a counter and pick from a variety of raw foods, including sushi, ceviche, gravadlax, tartar, carpaccio and oysters. The idea is pushed as healthy and delicious, since each dish is freshly prepared, so if you’re into raw food, this is the spot for you.

The menu at Bistro Sixteen82 is priced in a higher bracket, but is relatively proportionate to other eating establishments in the area. Food preparation is seen as an art form, so you’ll pay between R52 and R68 for a starter, between R70 and R145 for your main course, and R52 to R60 for a dessert. And, as with a few eateries in Constantia, animal rights people beware, Bistro Sixteen82 might not be the place to go for your Sunday lunch – finding foie gras on the menu will be distressing enough to diminish your appetite. The menu disclaimer – “Brad and his team endeavour to use sustainable, free range and organic produce as far as is possible” – shows that either they have perfected the art of expanding goose and duck livers without the cruelty, or that foie gras is excluded from this disclaimer.

Nevertheless, for a dining experience with a different ambiance and atmosphere, try Bistro Sixteen82 on the Steenberg Wine Farm.

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